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Elicina in Steroids: H-Aspersa Snail Serum Cream for Women
Elicina in Steroids:  H-Aspersa Snail Serum Cream for Women
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A luxury Snail Serum cream, with a much greater quantity and quality of Helix Aspersa Muller Snail secretion than Elicina, which accounts for is unsurpassed strength.

The Snail Serum used to manufacture this incredible cream is pure snail secretion, collected very, very slowly as the snails naturally expel it. This precious substance is then analyzed by Colorbel Cosmetic Lab, to insure that is free of impurities and that all its components are unaltered. The H-Aspersa products contain 30% of this pure Snail Serum in their formula.

As a result, you will see improvement much, much faster than with traditional Snail Secretion creams: your stubborn acne, wrinkles, expression lines, stretch marks, age spots and hard to vanish skin blemishes like scars, pot marks and burns will be a thing of the past.

There is only one product in the market that contains more Snail Secretion potency: Bohemia Style Cosmetics Pure Snail Serum 200 ML Lotion. Nevertheless, this product needs to be kept refrigerated. The H-Aspersa creams do not require any special handling or storing conditions.

This formula, with a pleasant lavender fragrance very suitable for women, is presented in a 40 grams Glass jar.

The H-Aspersa cream does not contain any moisturizer agents. It is very important that you use a separate hydrating agent (even if your skin is oily) to keep it glowing and healthy.


Price: $70.00 (€ 60.90)
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